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Basic Inlay Techniques
Basic Inlay Techniques
The first in a series of three videos by Larry Robinson. Anyone who wants to inlay boxes, wall hangings, mantel ornaments, musical instruments or furniture will find a wealth of information and humor. Larry explains in great detail, all the steps to take with regard to materials, tools, designing, sawcuts, routing, gluing and finishing in the making of a butterfly inlay using several different shells.

DVD $35.00

Intermediate Inlay Techniques Intermediate Inlay Techniques
The second in a series of three videos by Larry Robinson. This video is appropriate for people who already have some experience with handling a jeweler's saw and enjoy detailed work. Design problems encountered in inlaying are also covered as well as a section on engraving.

DVD $35.00

Advanced Inlay Techniques Advanced Inlay Techniques
The third in a series of three videos by Larry Robinson. Inlaying signatures, block lettering, pin-striping, and inlaying over compound curves are covered. Three dimensional inlay is also covered briefly. This video series will enhance your inlaying abilities.

DVD $30.00

The Art Of Inlay The Art of Inlay
by Larry Robinson. Revised and Expanded. Well known master of materials and inlayist to the stars. Book covers basics as well as the latest high-tech methods and tricks, bringing us all up to speed in an easy to read format. Lots and lots of color, many other top artists are featured and their secrets exposed. Soft Cover
Price: $25.00

Pearl Inlay Pearl Inlay
by James Patterson. The most recent and updated printing of this classic manual, soft cover, 82 pages, lots of black and white photos and drawings. Very detailed in dealing with raw shell, making your own blanks and strips, and doing inlay repair.
Price: $15.00