Gold Mother Of Pearl

***We recommend .060 thick, minimum of .050 for fingerboards- especially important on radius board and larger inlays. Peghead, back and sides .040 and * .050 are widely used.
*ideally inlay level to finish surface to ensure the iridescent and deep color
* This is especially important on Black, Gold, and Brown Lip shell*

Gold Mother Of Pearl - #1
Pinctada maxima
.040" (1.02mm) $20.00 per oz. check availability
.050" (1.27mm) $18.00 per oz.
.060" (1.53mm) $17.00 per oz.
5 to 7 pieces pre random ounce .060

Gold M.O.P. - Large

.040" (1.02mm) $26.00 per oz.(check stock)
.050" (1.27mm) $24.00 per oz.
.060" (1.53mm) $22.00 per oz.

The gold color layer in this Philippine shell will display strong color on one face, and be paler on the back side, some color through out. On gold and black shell it is recommended you inlay as flush to final surface to retain the color desired. The color on most, gradually decreases thru the shell.