Oh Canada, Oh Canada, Oh how I miss you

USA Fish & Wildlife fee is $93.00 any import/export from USA
Post office has increased shipping rates and limits methods

Co-Op with other luthiers in the area
Use a boarder store, this will save oodles on shipping.
Use non animal products or byproducts
Reconstituted Stone

The US postal has just increased priority and express mail prices which seem
to be the only options for packages of value
Example $100.00 value package:
Small flat rate box shipped to USA address=$7.65
Small flat rate box shipped to Canadian address=$25.95 Plus Fish & Wildlife Fee
YIKES!!! this shipping is an 18% increase to your cost plus your customs fee. YIKES!!!
It may sound like I am trying to talk you out of purchasing but no... please look for options.
Thank you for your time and attention...
Sincerely JoAnn

Reconstituted Stone
  • Rosettes
  • Position Markers (Dots)
  • Slabs

  • Ask for availability on slabs