(Color Chart)
Stone Slabs
Reconstituted Stone

Turquoise w/ Black Web Turquoise Clear Turquoise
* Option Lighter
Red White Spiney Tiger Eye Blue River Agate
Yellow White Spiney Bloody Basin Jasper Pipestone DeVine
Chrysocola Imperial Jade Clear Suga
Medium Coral Dark Coral Obsidian Chuck Moore
Leopard Skin Jet Onyx Rhodonite
Dark Lapis Light Denim Banded Malachite Santa Cruz
Green Lizard Tweety Yellow Gaspite Yellow Green
Tibetan Turquoise Arizona Jade Honey Jasper Jimmi Wingret
White Web Compitos Lapis Gold

$14.50 per ounce.... Mixed bag OK...

Reconstituted stone has been added to the rainbow of colors available from Rescue Pearl Co.

Reconstituted stone make-up: 85-90% Natural Stone Ores,10-15% Acrylic Gem Resin, trace pigments

Stock is ..060" to .063 " thick . Recommended checking thickness of your pieces to be inlayed and set your depth to the thinnest
sand to level.

Price is $14.50 per ounce, You can mix your colors in your per ounce package or keep all the same. Please keep in mind there are 2 to 4 pieces in an ounce depending on size and weight, sizes vary up to 2.5" x 3.5". (Please let me know if any size requirements so we can accommodate if possible)
1 ounce equals approximately 10sq.inches. but does vary on stone type
New 6-11-2012 .. 2 ounce packages of reconstone .050"-.058" thick at
$18.85 per pack. These are a little more delicate, add less weight to the project and a savings of 35%
See Sale Page

For projects done with reconstituted stone, see works by:Grit Laskin. "A Guitar makers Canvas"
Harvey Leach-"The Western Martin" a custom CF Martin Co. Guitar ,,also Harveys 3 series of articles entitled
"Smoke and Mirrors in the "Guitar maker" magazine

Examples of Reconstituted Stone Courtesy http://www.leachguitars.com/