Shipping method is US Postal. Please let me know if you want :
1st class mail- west coast 1-4 days east coast-4-7 days
(under 13 oz., if over this US Postal automatically bumps up to priority service)
1 st. classs US postal rate:
1-3 oz. $3.60 *works if packed in padded envelope, small products
4oz. $3.95 9oz. $4.70
5oz. $4.10 10oz. $4.80
6oz. $4.3011oz. $5.15
7oz. $4.45 12oz. $5.30
8oz. $4.62 13oz. $5.50

Priortiy Mail- West coast 1-3 days east coast 2-3 days I normally use flat rate boxes, providing material fits, I have found this to be the Least expensive for the delivery time frame.
Small flat rate envelope $7.45
Small flat rate box $7.65
Medium flat rate box $14.35

I add $ .50-1.00 to the actual postal rate for gas.. You may also see your 1st. class shipment coming in an assortment of product boxes. This is an effort to save customers money. These boxes often weight 2oz. less than the corrugated type (most small corrugated weight about 4-5 oz., cost a customer $2.05 to mail an empty box)

If you request UPS or Fed Ex there will be an additional $10.00 to their rate Because it takes 30 minutes round trip to drop material in a drop box for this service.

I sincerely try to keep prices down and save us all money if possible. Shipping can add 4-8% on our orders and this continues to rise. I truly believe if we can not increase our revenue less decrease our bills.

So, Cherio or should I say "Cherios"
Rescue Pearl Co.